Wildcrafted Reishi Mushrooms


Wildcrafted Reishi Mushrooms


These dried Reishi mushrooms have been wildcrafted in Connecticut. They can be used for tea, tincture or made into capsules. The directions to make the tea are listed in "additional information". 

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Reishi Mushroom for Immunity

They are a great medicinal mushroom and a wonderful healer.

Reishi is known as Ling Zhi, which means “spirit plant” or “tree of life mushroom”.

Reishi grows on decaying hardwood deciduous trees.


Reishi is an adaptogen. That means it helps our bodies adjust to the environment that we’re in. It’s great for adrenal fatigue (stress) because it helps us to stay calm in stressful situations – it “calms the spirit.” It’s anti-inflammatory, a heart and liver protective tonic, and a super antioxidant. Long term use of reishi is considered to promote longevity and keep a person’s agility intact into the later parts of life.


While it is technically an edible mushroom, it’s almost impossible to eat because it’s tough like leathery wood. Reishi slices make beautiful medicine, and you can snap them apart.


For tea:

Take 1-2 large reishi slices and put them in about a quart of water on the stove. You can add other herbs too if you want; licorice root is great because it adds a sweet note to the bitterness.

Let the water boil for at least 15 minutes.

You can let it boil for a very long time, just make sure to add more water as it evaporates off. You can also do this in a crockpot on high for a few hours and it works wonderfully.

Strain it off and drink it when it’s cool!