Is There A Place In Your Home That Feels Overwhelming?

Do you have a area that you do not want anybody to see?                           

Is it a messy drawer, a packed garage, a very full closet or tall stacks of paper?

Do you ignore it and hope it goes away? or does it keep you up at night?                   

Either way, it is effecting you in more ways than you may think.

I know. I know. You think you should be able to take care of it yourself, but it just seems so overwhelming. It seems to always be on the back burner getting heavier and heavier. It is always there waiting for you when you come back home. You can shut the door or try to stash it when the company comes, but truthfully, it is weighing you down. It is occupying space in your brain. It is causing you anxiety to think about it.

"I'll get to it," you keep telling yourself, "It is not bothering anybody."

What if I told you that now was the perfect time to deal with it? What if I told you that I could support you.

Don't worry, I already know how you have been beating yourself up about it. I know all about the shame. What if I told you that organization could change your life and that it could actually be fun and easy. I would be here to keeping moving you into the right direction.

Go ahead, envision right now how you want that space to look! Pick a space and think of what you would do if you had a magic wand. What would it look like? Are the counters clear? are there plants? can you find the right outfit in your closet with ease? are all of the bills paid? Whatever it is, imagine now how it could change your life. Think big. Could that extra messy room become your sewing room? Could a well organized kitchen help you lose the weight? What is hold you back?

Why is it going to be different this time? I have been organizing and coaching people into living in an environment that feels alive and passionate for over a decade. I take the shame away and help you to see clearly what you are manifesting and WHY! 

Getting support can be the first step. I offer one on one coaching that can help you to get to a more centered and organized place in you life. I also offer in home support. Let's do this together. I have found that when people truly feel supported that they find themselves unstoppable! Let's get started.

Warning- Organization could spread health and joy to other areas of your life. Please be prepared to experience feelings of elation and satisfaction. 




I have been supporting individuals, families and companies get organized for over a decade.